Swieqi United’s Women Shine: Historic Cup Victory Amidst Remarkable Season

Swieqi United’s Women Shine: Historic Cup Victory Amidst Remarkable Season

The indomitable spirit of Swieqi United’s Senior Women’s Team has been demonstrated spectacularly this season. Despite placing second in the Assikura Women’s League, nine points behind first place Birkirkara, Swieqi’s girls stood out with an impressive goal difference of +74, surpassing Birkirkara’s +70.

Over 18 matches, the girls only lost three times, twice to Birkirkara and once to Hibernians. The Super Cup also saw a tough defeat against Birkirkara. However, adversity only served to strengthen their resolve. Our greatest triumph came in the knockout cup, with the girls emerging victorious against Hibernians in the final, with a well-earned 2-1 win.

The road to the final was strewn with hard-fought victories, including a thrilling defeat of the defending cup holders Birkirkara, marking their first loss in 95 competitive games. Swiftly following this monumental triumph, our girls demonstrated clinical precision in defeating Raiders-Lija 2-0 in the semi-final, paving the way to the coveted cup win.

Notably, this cup victory marks a historic moment for Swieqi United, as it is the club’s first major honour in the female department—an outstanding accomplishment given that the female department was only formed in 2014.

Jade Flask led the charge with a season-high 18 goals, earning her the title of MFA Player of the Season. Other significant contributions came from Tatiana Hawkins-Dabney, with 12 goals, and Shona Zammit, with 8 goals. The exceptional team also included other standout players like Dorianne Theuma (Captain), Rafanny Mendoza (Defender, from Venezuela), and Cynthia Konlan (the league’s best Goalkeeper from Ghana).

Jessica Dimech, a key player in the squad, shared her sentiments after the cup win. “We had been waiting for the moment to lift a trophy in ages, and after all the troubles and sacrifices, we overcame them all as a team and stood united against all the tough opponents. I’m happy I got to win this trophy with great friends by my side!”

Emma Xuereb also chimed in, saying, “The K/O win meant a lot to us. Winning gave us a boost in morale and confidence as a team. A win like this makes all those sacrifices throughout the whole season, worth it. Swieqi, as a club, always showed 100% belief and trust in our team, so winning this trophy feels like we gave this as a gift in return.”

Mariah Sciberras added, “For the team, the victory meant everything. Despite the fact that we suffered a lot of setbacks throughout the year, we persisted in going after our objectives and succeeded in achieving one of them. I am confident that this is only the beginning, and the fact that we have accomplished this goal will encourage us to work harder and set higher goals.”

With such spirit and determination, the future looks bright for the Swieqi United Women’s Team. As Sciberras said, “Now we focus and work harder for next season and aim higher.” Indeed, this remarkable team continues to inspire us all with their tenacity, resilience, and unyielding pursuit of success.

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