Swieqi United U17 Girls: Unbeaten and Unstoppable!

Swieqi United U17 Girls: Unbeaten and Unstoppable!

In a stunning display of teamwork, dedication, and sheer talent, Swieqi United’s Under-17 girls’ squad has clinched the league title, ending an incredible season with an unbeaten record. The young athletes played a total of 12 games, winning 10 and drawing 2, showcasing a mix of strength, finesse, and tactical prowess that left their competitors in the dust.

Their journey to the top was nothing short of extraordinary. Over the course of the league, the girls netted an impressive 52 goals while only conceding 12. Their strategic gameplay and unyielding defence saw them end the season with a remarkable 32 points.

The Orange’s top scorers, Kaysia Micallef and Yasmin Sajeba, both delivered 10 goals each, closely followed by Kay Axiak with 9 goals. These three proved to be a formidable offensive force, driving the team’s success on the field.

The league title was dramatically secured on the penultimate day, when Swieqi United faced off against their main rivals, Birkirkara. Despite conceding an early goal, the girls remained undeterred. Sajeba swiftly levelled the playing field with an equaliser, and in the second half, the precocious Micallef scored two brilliant goals, forever etching this talented squad into the history books.

Nina-Lee Naudi, one of the squad members, expressed her pride in the team’s accomplishment. “I feel proud of my team and I because I knew we could win this league together,” she said, adding, “To me it means that I have succeeded for the club but we still need to continue fighting for the knockout.”

Shannen Mallia echoed Naudi’s sentiment. “This year was hectic but it was worth all the training and hard work my team and I put in,” she said. “I am so proud of my team and so proud to be part of this amazing club. I’ve learned that in order to reach great destinations you have to love the journey and that is what we did, but this is just the beginning.”

The team’s captain (Chanelle Borg) also shared her thoughts, expressing gratitude for the support they’ve received throughout the season. “As the captain, I feel very proud of me and my team because we got what we hardly worked for. I feel lucky and grateful to have trained with such amazing coaches as they have supported us all the way to the final bit. We are very lucky to have the best supporters in Malta as they were there through our highs and lows, always ready to support us with 100% energy.”

Swieqi United’s U17 girls’ squad has certainly set the bar high, demonstrating what can be achieved with teamwork, dedication, and a love for the game. As Mallia stated, this is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what this exceptional team achieves next!

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