KHS Cups this Season & The bigger Scope for the Club

KHS Cups this season + their relation to the bigger scope of the club

Following the success of the initial KHS Cup held in June last year, throughout the course of season 2022/23, Swieqi United FC, in collaboration with KnowHowSoccer (KHS), continued organizing more iterations of the KHS Cup for various academy age groups.

The scope of each KHS Cup organized is to attract top international talents to the Maltese Islands, exposing Maltese youths to playing at a level that should help them raise the bar.  Under the guidance of Marko Glumac, the Club has, over the past year, managed to attract the academies of Manchester United, Sporting Lisbon, Torino FC, Liverpool FC, Pisa SC, Blackburn Rovers, Juventus, Parma FC, PSV Eindhoven, Znicz Pruszkow, AS Roma and Novara FC to our shores.

Generally speaking, each KHS Cup tournament takes place on a round-robin basis, allowing all our youths to play against each other as well as these international teams and put all that they have been learning with their coaches on the training pitch to the test.  These tournaments have also allowed the Club to forge friendships and relationships with our international counterparts, creating further opportunities for our youths to test their skills outside of our shores.

All such experiences must be seen in the context of facilitating the development of our youths, which constantly remains one of the cornerstone objectives of the Club.  Our continued participation in these events, together with our pledge to take our youths abroad at least once a year in order to continue allowing them to get a taster of what an international experience has to offer, allows the Club to continue to offer its youths a holistic footballing and educational experience.  In bringing the international experience to Malta, we are enabling our youths and staff to see and compare our style of play with other internationally renowned and established academies, as well as the attitudes, good practices, and organizational skills of these clubs.

Bringing such squads to Malta have also contributed greatly to the country’s sports tourism sector, allowing the Club to foster relationships with the requisite authorities in obtaining sponsorships for said purpose.  In this respect, we would also like to thank every sponsor that has collaborated with us to this effect, believing in this project and confirming that every contribution made is not merely monetary, but a lifelong investment in our youths that will continue to aid and abet their development.

In continuing to organize, promote and participate in the KHS Cups, Swieqi United FC can be considered to be a pioneer in normalizing a situation that previously used to be considered an exception, rather than the rule.  The Club is now currently working on the next set of international tournaments, wherein we will strive to continue improving on what has already been achieved over the past year.

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