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SUFC Season 2022-2023

Men Seniors 

The 2022-23 season for Swieqi United Football Club was divided into two distinctive phases – the Regular Table and the subsequent Championship/Play-out Table.

Regular Table Performance: In the initial regular table phase, where every team had an opportunity to play against each other, Swieqi United showcased a commendable performance. Out of a total of 18 teams, the club secured a 9th-place finish. Their journey throughout this phase saw them play 17 matches, of which they clinched victories in 6 and held their ground with draws in 6. While they experienced defeat 5 times, the offensive line was in good form, netting 33 goals, although the defense did concede 31. By the end of the regular table, Swieqi United tallied a respectable 24 points.

Moving on to the play-out table, Swieqi United demonstrated their resilience and determination, emerging as the dominant force. The team clinched the top spot with an admirable record. Over the span of 28 matches, the team secured 14 victories and managed to share the spoils in 8 encounters. They faced defeat only 6 times. The attacking prowess was evident with a tally of 53 goals, while the defense tightened up, letting in only 38. With a positive goal difference of 15, the team accumulated an impressive 50 points.

In addition to their league accomplishments, Swieqi United FC also made their mark in the Izibet FA Trophy – the premier domestic cup competition. The team displayed admirable commitment and skill, progressing further in the tournament than ever before in their history.

Match Performances:

On Thursday, 17th November 2022, Swieqi United FC took on Fgura United FC. Displaying a dominant performance, they emerged victorious with a solid 3-0 scoreline.

Their momentum in the competition continued into the new year. On Sunday, 15th January 2023, Swieqi United FC locked horns with Zebbug Rangers FC. In what was a closely fought contest, Swieqi United managed to eke out a crucial 1-0 victory.

However, their spirited journey in the Izibet FA Trophy faced a heartbreak on Tuesday, 7th February 2023**, at the Centenary Stadium. Facing Mosta FC in a nerve-wracking tie, the match extended to penalties. In a game of fine margins, Swieqi United were narrowly edged out with a 4-3 penalty shootout.

Despite the agonizing end to their FA Trophy campaign, Swieqi United FC’s performance in the 2022-23 edition will go down in the annals of the club’s history as their best ever. Their journey, characterized by determination, skill, and unity, is sure to inspire future generations of the club. The players and the coaching staff deserve immense praise for achieving this historic feat.

Together with their achievements in the league, Swieqi United FC’s exploits in the Izibet FA Trophy underscored a season of significant progress and promise.

Women Seniors

Swieqi United Women’s Team made a considerable impact in the Assikura Women’s League, marking the season with remarkable displays of skill and determination.

Across the 18 league matches they participated in, the team secured 13 victories, held their opponents to a draw in 2 matches, and faced defeat on 3 occasions. Their offensive prowess was evident in their impressive 80 goals, while the defense remained nearly impenetrable, conceding only 6. This stellar performance resulted in a remarkable goal difference of +74, with the team accumulating 41 points by the season’s end. They finished in a commendable 2nd position, just behind the table-toppers, Birkirkara.

The cup journey for Swieqi United Women was nothing short of spectacular, with key matches marked by resilience and memorable moments:

In Round 1 of the tournament, held on Wednesday, 3rd May 2023 at Victor Tedesco Stadium, Swieqi United Women faced off against Birkirkara Women. In a nail-biting encounter that required extra time, Swieqi managed to clinch a 1-0 victory, signifying their indomitable spirit and determination.

Advancing to the Semi-Finals, they took on Raiders Lija Women on Sunday, 7th May 2023** at the Centenary Stadium. Swieqi United Women showcased their class, comfortably dispatching their opponents with a 2-0 scoreline.

The crescendo of their cup campaign came in the form of the Final, against Hibernians Women on Friday, 12th May 2023 at the Centenary Stadium. In a game of high stakes, Swieqi United Women managed to edge past their competitors, sealing a hard-fought 2-1 victory.

Swieqi United Women’s Team’s 2022-23 season was a mix of stellar league performances and a fairy tale cup journey. Securing the second spot in the league and emerging champions in the Assikura Women’s Knock-Out stands testament to their unwavering spirit, teamwork, and commitment. Their achievements this season have surely set a new benchmark for the club, providing inspiration for the years to come. Kudos to the players, coaching staff, and everyone associated with the team for this memorable season!

Futsal Seniors

After a year-long absence from competitive futsal, Swieqi United Futsal Squad made a comeback to the sport. This return marked a significant milestone for the team as they aimed to reestablish their presence in the futsal community.

The squad quickly gelled together, thanks to the coordination efforts of Joseph Agius, Kieran Bugeja, and Yalcin Sammut. Alongside the returning coach Dylan Micallef, they strategically made prominent signings at the start of the season. The team’s management successfully blended a mix of talented foreign and experienced local players. The team had an overall successful year, securing a place in the elite round alongside UOM Futsal, Ta’ Xbiex, and Luxol St. Andrews as the final four teams, eventually ending the season in 2nd place.  One of the highlights of the season was when Swieqi managed to hold Luxol St Andrews to a 3-3 draw.

It is to be noted that throughout the season, the team received unwavering support from its loyal fan base.  Notably, members from different squads, including the U15 men and Senior Women Squads, came to show their support during both the semifinals and the finals, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

For a first season back in the game, the team can be proud of their performance, and their accomplishments have undoubtedly set a solid foundation for future success.

Men – Section A      

The National Youth League Section A campaign for Swieqi United FC Youths in 2022/23 has been one of the challenges, learning curves, and eventual heartbreak. Here’s a closer look at how they fared: League Position: 11th (Relegated)

Swieqi United found themselves in the penultimate spot of the table. Their campaign concluded with 5 wins, 3 draws, and a staggering 14 defeats. With a negative goal difference of -25, the squad undoubtedly faced defensive challenges throughout the season.

Despite the team’s struggles, David Emmanuel Garba and Jaden Camilleri showcased notable performances, both emerging as the top scorers for the team with 7 goals apiece. Their contributions were vital in ensuring Swieqi United’s fight in the league, although the collective efforts were not enough to avoid relegation.

Key Matches:

  1. Valletta FC Youths vs Swieqi United FC Youths (7 – 4): A high-scoring affair at the Marsaxlokk Ground, this game symbolized Swieqi United’s defensive vulnerabilities but also demonstrated their attacking prowess.
    2. Swieqi United FC Youths vs Mosta FC Youths (0 – 4): A loss against one of the top teams in the league, it indicated the gap between Swieqi United and the league’s top contenders.
    3. Melita FC Youths vs Swieqi United FC Youths (3 – 1): Against the bottom team, this defeat was a tough pill to swallow and had potential relegation implications.
    4. Pieta’ Hotspurs FC Youths vs Swieqi United FC Youths (0 – 1): One of the bright moments in a tough campaign, this victory showed the potential of Swieqi United when they played to their strengths.Overview:

In football, there are seasons of triumph and seasons of struggle. For Swieqi United FC Youths, 2022/23 was unfortunately the latter. However, with young talents like Garba and Camilleri, there’s hope for the future. The squad will need to regroup, learn from this campaign, and aim to return stronger in the next season. Their journey in the lower division will be a test of their resilience and determination to climb back to the top tier of youth football in the country.

Women’s Youth

The Swieqi United Women’s Youth Team demonstrated immense promise, grit, and talent in the Assikura National Women’s Youth League this season. Over the course of 15 league games, the team amassed 9 victories, drew 4 matches, and suffered just 2 defeats. Their attacking line managed to net 26 goals, while their robust defense allowed a mere 8, resulting in a commendable goal difference of +18. These outstanding performances enabled the team to gather 31 points and finish in a respectable 3rd position, closely following Raiders Lija and Birkirkara.

Key Matches in the Assikura National Women’s Youth League 2022/23:

– Saturday, 24th September 2022: With a confident start to the league, Swieqi United Women Youths secured a 1-0 victory against Mgarr Mtarfa Zebbug Women Youths at Kirkop Ground.

– Saturday, 22nd October 2022: Swieqi showcased their defensive prowess by beating Hibernians Women Youths 2-0 at the Mgarr Ground.

– Saturday, 7th January 2023: In a closely-fought match against Raiders Lija Women Youths, both teams displayed resilience, resulting in a 0-0 draw at the Mgarr Ground.

– Saturday, 11th March 2023: A challenging encounter saw Swieqi United Women Youths facing defeat against Birkirkara Women Youths with a score of 0-2 at the Mgarr Ground.

– Saturday, 25th February 2023: Displaying their dominance once again, Swieqi defeated Hibernians Women Youths 3-0 at the Mgarr Ground.

Swieqi United Women’s Youth Team showcased a blend of talent, teamwork, and determination throughout the 2022-23 season. Their consistent performance in the league, as well as their impressive stats, speak volumes about their potential and the bright future ahead. They managed to assert their presence against more established teams, indicating a rich reservoir of talent waiting to be honed.

Their endeavors this season have surely laid a solid foundation for the future, making them a team to watch out for in the coming years. Congratulations to the young players, the coaching staff, and all associated with the team for a season filled with memorable moments and promise.

IFF Under-17 League Boys – Section C     

Swieqi U. U-17 faced a slightly more challenging season in their age group, finishing 6th in the table. Their record of 8 wins and 8 losses, with 28 goals for and 36 against, indicates a season of highs and lows. The team showed resilience and moments of brilliance but also had instances where they might have fallen short.

The goal difference of -8 suggests that the defense might have been a concern this season, conceding more than they scored. It’ll be crucial for the team to focus on shoring up the defense and maintaining consistency to climb up the table in the upcoming seasons.

Nevertheless, the future looks bright for Swieqi United across both age groups. The club’s investment in youth development seems to be paying off, with plenty of potential stars emerging. The key will be harnessing this potential and ensuring the youngsters get the right guidance and opportunities to grow.

Swieqi United Women U-17: League Winners     

The 2022/23 season of the IFF Women’s Under-17 League was one for the books for Swieqi United’s U-17 Women’s team. Crowned champions with a lead of 10 points, the young squad showed a combination of talent, resilience, and dominance that was unmatched throughout the campaign.

Impressive Tally: The squad registered an awe-inspiring 51 goals in 12 matches, averaging over 4 goals per game. They displayed a lethal edge in front of the goal, and this was evident in their matches against teams like Gudja United, where they put 14 past the opposition.

Stalwart Defense: Just as striking as their goal-scoring prowess was the team’s defensive solidity. Conceding only 5 goals in 12 matches, they held a staggering goal difference of +46. Their defense proved to be a tough nut to crack for many teams, as they consistently snuffed out threats and ensured their goal remained guarded.

Key Results: Swieqi United Women U-17’s campaign saw several standout results. Their dominance over Gudja United with a 14-0 win was a statement to the rest of the league. Similarly, their 8-0 triumphs against both Gudja United and Mgarr Mtarfa Zebbug showcased their attacking might. Perhaps one of the most critical results came against Birkirkara, where they managed a 3-1 win, solidifying their position at the top.

Unbeaten Streak: The team went undefeated throughout the season, with 10 wins and 2 draws. This unbeaten streak was a testament to their consistency and ability to rise to the occasion even in challenging situations.

Swieqi United U17 Women’s achievements in the 2022/23 season set them apart as one of the most promising young squads in the country. Their exceptional talent, combined with the dedication and teamwork they showcased, provides a solid foundation for future success. As champions of the IFF Women’s Under-17 League, they have set a high bar, and it will be exciting to see how they continue to develop and perform in the coming years. Congratulations to the team, coaching staff, and everyone involved in this successful campaign!


IFF Under-15 League Boys – Section C

Swieqi U. U-15 had a commendable campaign this season, finishing in the top half of the table at the 4th position. Their tally of 41 goals in 18 matches reflects their attacking flair and dynamism going forward. With 35 points, they were not too far off the top three and only a single point behind Rabat A. U-15, indicating that they were in the thick of the contest throughout.

While the young squad displayed a good balance between attack and defense, there’s potential for improvement in the latter, given the 24 goals they conceded. However, given their position and goal difference of +17, it’s evident that Swieqi U. U-15 has a promising set of youngsters who can take the club forward in the coming years.