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We've often heard the ubiquitous phrase: ''Living in a digital world''. To a small group of ambitious individuals, using this axiom, Swieqi United now has digital substance and is also striving to make its mark on the football field...the virtual field, that is.

Meet Daniel Causon, an eighteen-year old Student at MCAST who has officially launched the Swieqi United E-Sports Squad. The SUFC Media Team decided to catch up with Daniel accordingly.

SWQ: Daniel, thanks for taking the time to speak to Swieqi United's Media Team! Can you first of all introduce yourself to all our readers?

DANIEL: Yes of course, as you know, my name is Daniel Causon. I'm 18 years old and a Swieqi Resident. I am currently reading for a degree in Business Enterprise and am also a football coach with Swieqi United FC.

SWQ: How did you get involved in this FIFA E-Sports Initiative?

DANIEL: This year I was training futsal with Swieqi u21s and by coincidence, my teammate was the organiser of this E-Sports league [Denzil Pisani]. I spoke to him individually and asked if there was a team for Swieqi and he said no, so I gathered a team of friends and we created a Fifa Pro Clubs team for Swieqi United! #

SWQ: You've been representing Swieqi United. How's it going so far? What are the biggest challenges you are facing?

DANIEL: Different hurdles i guess. Mixed emotions as it would have been nicer to do better in the First Division, but surprisingly, there are some pretty good teams. It is great representing Swieqi and with the help of my assistant Keith Tanti, he helps inspire the team to improve and win. Our biggest challenges would be in organising fixtures, having to find the best time of day to organise any league match, aswell as checking availability for my team and the availability of the opposing side!

SWQ: Can anyone join your team? And how do you go about recruiting new gamers?

DANIEL: Yes of course, it would be great though to have people within the Swieqi Community, but anyone can play. It's not just about playing but you can also be signed as a Free Agent. Recruitment mostly happens in the Summer Transfer window and the January Transfer Window. Regarding how we go about recruitment, the individual either gets in contact with us or we got in touch with him! We will henceforth organise a Trial, and if the Individual is seen to benefit the team, then we will make a collective decision as to whether to recruit him or not.

SWQ: Can you briefly describe the potential of FIFA E-Sports Tournaments? Is it as big as people are suggesting?

DANIEL: This is not just a tournament, but it is an actual league between teams in Malta! There are currently two divisions, Premier and First, and apart from these groups, there is also the FA Knockout Cup quite a while. Last December, there was a Tournament organised for E-Sports which was successful and as I said, I believe that E-Sports in Malta will only keeping growing.

SWQ: And finally, what do people need to do to get in touch with your E-Sports team?

DANIEL: Easy! You can send me a message through Facebook/ Messenger as this would be the most ideal way to get in touch. You can also send me an email to: [Individual players willing to get in touch with the League organiser can liaise with Denzil Pisani on:].

Article: Michael Calleja 

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