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Welcome to StarGames – your gaming platform. Here you'll find many of the best, most well known and popular card and board games, which we have made available with particular attention to detail. The high demand for quality and personal preferences play a decisive role.

As an additional draw and to make online gaming even more exciting, you can play for real stakes at StarGames - reliable, secure and a guaranteed added thrill.


Happy Gaming!

Your StarGames Team


For this reason, we have set the following rules:


1. Real players and opponents At StarGames you always play against real people – never against the computer. 2. Real winnings and guaranteed withdrawals Register as a Money Player and win real money with your stakes. You can transfer your winnings to a personal account at any time. All relevant transactions are encoded – the experts at VeriSign have confirmed this. 3. What counts is individual skill Our games are skill-based. Your individual ability decides whether you win. Only the best player wins. 4. Fairness, security and personal interaction StarGames guarantees maximum fairness and ensures that players of approximately equal ability play against each other. The ability and experience of the opponent are always transparent. All players start under the same conditions. The security of the transactions and the transmission of scores are guaranteed by experienced and flawless technology partners. Good personal interaction among our players is important to us and we support our community, of which we are proud. 5. Dynamic jackpots and exciting tournaments Excitement, fun and thrills are the order of the day at StarGames. The more participants that sign up for a tournament, the higher the jackpot. 6. Our services We provide exciting, high-quality games, and continually improve and expand the services we offer. We ensure the optimum functioning of our gaming platform, maintain a strong community, organise tournaments, and guarantee secure and easy settlement and withdrawal of winnings.


We hope that you are a fan of StarGames and that it provides you with hours of enjoyment. Should you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please send us an e-mail to support@stargames.com.