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'I'm having a great season and it's been really positive so far!'

16.02.21 'I'm having a great season and it's been really positive so far!'

An Exclusive Interview with Robert Stoyanov (Futsal).

Within local futsal circles, Robert Stoyanov is synonymous with Swieqi United. Having joined the club approximately three years ago, he graduated from the Under 21 team to become somewhat of a stalwart and reliable player for the Seniors' squad. As part of a series to get to know individuals within the club, our SUFC Media team sat down with Robert to obtain his take on the season so far.

SUFC: Hi Robert! Thanks for taking the time to speak to SUFC Media. How would you assess the season so far? Both from a personal and club perspective?

Robert: The season has been really positive so far! We’ve won the four games that we’ve contested and the whole team is putting in a lot of effort to make sure this good run of form continues. Personally, I think I’m having a great season as I’m striving to reach my achievements which are winning the league and being called up to the national team!

SUFC: You've been with the club for approximately three years, having also graduated from the U21s. How would you describe your time at Swieqi United Futsal?

Robert: These past three years have been a blessing to me. I graduated from the U21s team where I learned to love the game of Futsal under coach Kenneth Fiteni. Thanks to him, I gained a solid foundation to kick-start my interest and improve technical skills in this sport.

SUFC: The Futsal game in Malta is sometimes at a bit of an 'impasse' and is teething with administrative problems. Nevertheless, do you believe there is room for growth and that more young people can start playing this sport?

Robert: Although we’ve seen a drop in teams competing in the past years, I think that the FMA are doing a solid job this year. We have achieved a huge turnout (from a squads-based perspective) some of which are new and also, there is a big emphasis on the introduction of young players to the game.

SUFC: Who is your role model in the football/futsal world?

Robert: My role model in this sport would be Ferrão who is probably the best player who plays in my position. I make an effort to try and watch as many games of him playing as I always learn something from the way he plays.

SUFC: And finally, 'Why Swieqi?'

Robert: Swieqi United has one of the best mentalities I’ve seen on the island. Whether it’s the U8s, the Women’s football team or the futsal setup, they give the same attention to all squads concerned!

Here at Swieqi United, we would like to wish Robert and our Futsal Sector all the very best as they continue to improve throughout the 2020-21 season!


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