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Since age four, football was and still is my passion

17.01.21 Since age four, football was and still is my passion

An Exclusive Interview with Demi Gauci Maistre.
At 19 years' of age, Demi Gauci Maistre has the world at her feet. Her performances of late have certainly been impressive - which is hardly surprising considering she has been a menace to plenty of defenders throughout  her career.  Give Gauci Maistre a blade of grass and she'll dispatch the ball at the back of the net with great equanimity and touch of 'finesse'.

A doughty and committed player, beneath Gauci Maister's smile lies an insatiable appetite to 'win' and steely determination to never falter.

Here at SUFC Media, we found some time to meet up with Demi and appreciate her latest endeavours.

SUFC: Dear Demi. Thanks for taking the time to talk to SUFC Media. How would you assess the season so far? Both from a personal and club perspective?

Demi: I would say that we had our 'ups and downs' as a team. I always expect that we could do better maybe because even on a personal note I always think of what I 'could have done' to improve my performance. However,  I am happy that together, we are working as a team with our coaches to enhance our desired performance.

SUFC: You are still young and yet you're making quite a name for yourself...what's the dream?

Demi: Since the age of four, football was and still is my passion. My aim was and always is the same: to run with the ball and hit the back of the net. I always aim to score in each match I play and my dream (which I partly lived with Caprera F.C) is to go abroad again and play with a foreign outfit.

SUFC: The Women's game in Malta seems to be growing. What advice would you give any girl who is still apprehensive as to whether or not she should start playing football?

Demi: As a child my mother always wished me to take up dancing. However, little did she know I would turn out to love football! I followed my wishes and was lucky as my parents supported me. I encourage girls to try the sport prior to  deciding whether it's right for them or not. From my experience,  I also coach girls at Under 10 level  and it is a pleasure to see them practicing this sport with such passion and enthusiasm.

SUFC: Who is your role model in football?

Demi: Strangely enough, my role model is not an attacker but a goalkeeper. I admire Gianluigi Buffon not only for his astounding ability as a goaler but mostly because of his personality, which helps and maintains the whole team to be united and keep a positive attitude.

SUFC: And finally, 'Why Swieqi?'

Demi:  In my opinion, 'Swieqi'  has a great set up - which is different than other clubs. Another important factor was the great 'team players' that form part of the squad. I am proud and happy to be one of them.

Everyone at SUFC Media would like to wish Demi all the very best for the rest of the 2020/21 campaign!
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